What is a Waqf?

Irrevocable personal or charitable trust under Islamic law

Waqf وقف, Arabic for "endowment",

involves dedicating a yield-generating asset, the returns or benefits from which are allocated to specified beneficiaries, notably Islamic Tech Entrepreneurs

About Digiwaqf

Digiwaqf is an innovative Islamic tech company at the forefront of transforming the time-honored tradition of Waqf using cutting-edge digital solutions

Digiwaqf Beneficiaries

Directly supports Islamic tech entrepreneurs operating in areas such as fintech, takaful-tech, blockchain, agrotech, and e-commerce

Area of Operation

Unlimited worldwide presence – world’s first online Waqf. Registered in Labuan, Malaysia, and headquartered in Dubai, UAE

Investment Focus

Spans across Sukuk (Islamic bonds), Shariah-compliant equities, venture capital, and private equity projects

Mission Statement

To revolutionize the application of charitable contributions and Zakat, a core pillar of Islam, to foster and empower Islamic tech entrepreneurs. We strive to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes innovation, stimulates economic growth, and enhances the Islamic digital economy.

Vision Statement

To innovate Islamic philanthropy by spearheading a digital waqf era. Our vision encompasses a future where waqf resources are efficiently harnessed to fuel innovation, empower entrepreneurs, and cultivate a robust Islamic tech ecosystem.

How Does The Process Work?

Charitable Contributions

The Islamic economy thrives on funds donated to foster entrepreneurs, with the goal of cultivating an Islamic powerhouse more vital for Ummah than another religious or educational institution

Capital Allocation

Our strategy involves conscientiously allocating these funds into investments such as Sukuk (Islamic bonds), Shariah-approved ETFs, venture capital, and private equity initiatives

Generating Income

Our portfolio will generate returns from various Shariah-compliant investment avenues – returns on Sukuk, equity dividends, and capital appreciation

Entrepreneur Selection

Digiwaqf carefully selects deserving Islamic tech entrepreneurs, distributing the grants and providing Qard loans for project development and enhancement of the Islamic tech ecosystem

Capital Accumulation For Digiwaqf

Investment Strategy of Digiwaqf

Fixed Returns

Investments in fixed income funds like Franklin Templeton, ADIB Global Sukuk, high-yield Sukuk, and real estate REITs

Liquid Assets

Investments in insured money market certificates (IMMC - BRC), with benchmark +1.25% for 30-360 days


Investments in Shariah-compliant equities like the S&P 500 Shariah fund, HSBC Shariah, and shares of companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, NVidia, Johnson & Johnson

Venture & Equity Capital

Digiwaqf participates as a Limited Partner (LP) in various respected venture capital and private equity funds

Becoming Grant Recipients


Join the Grantees' Society by signing up on the Digiwaqf web platform


Outline the central idea and key points of your project briefly


Upload a few slides of your early-seed Project Pitch Deck

Once your project has been moderated and approved by the Shariah and Business Advisory Board, you gain membership and voting rights for other projects, barring your own. Upon completion of a Grant Period, the platform will notify all Grantees of the projects eligible for grants

The Grant: Transparent Voting

The Advisory Board initiates a Grant period during which all moderated projects are eligible. With a fixed evaluation and voting time, the process remains transparent, allowing participants to endorse deserving projects using their voting rights.

After the voting, the result will become public on the digiwaqf platform, reflecting transparency and fairness, giving all moderated projects an opportunity for potential funding.

Become a Grantee